Fly Over Interlaken


Fly over Interlaken and try all the great air activities. Enjoy the Skydiving experience, tandem paragliding and hang gliding. Get your ticket to seil park and even a bungy jump. The package includes 4 nights accommodation at Interlaken.



Seil Park

Day Pass for Seil Park Rope Challenge Course.

Challenge yourself flying in the woods and among the trees.  On this 12 level rope challenge course.  Spend 4 hours on the high trees, enjoying the view the adrenaline and the muscle workout.

Hang Gliding

Or Sleep flying. Always dreamt of flying in your sleep.  Get in position and lets jump of the edge and enjoy the beautiful scenery from up there.  Tandem Flights.


Its high, its safe, two lakes on two sides, two mountains on the other sides and you are coming from up there and land down there in INTER-LAKEN. Hey its Swiss Safety Standards.  Fair enough for all family members.

Sky Diving

A professional pilot is tied to you.  The airplane take off, the scenic view up there, the speed falling down.  The entire experience can only be expressed in blogs.  Check this blog post and when done, click the back button and continue your bookings.

Bungy Jumping

Sky Diving is cool, paragliding is scenic. But this all is Tandem, how can you enjoy the jump if you were not the one who took the decision to step of the edge.  Not only its your own sane decision, also the 134m high jump leaves you with a long yet heavy rope tied to you at one end, hence the feeling you get when you stand on the edge, this last step, right before you jump with few centimeters between your feet and the cliff, the rope weight and trust me its not light, not only takes your breath away, but takes your heart away and you start feel the butterflies that the only way out of it is to JUMP.

4 Nights Accommodation

4 Nights in Regina Hotel, wake up every morning with the clouds inside your room. This cozy family owned hotel overlooks Lake Thun and Interlaken from an altitude of 1100m.

Price Validity:

23rd of July to 31st of August.  Book online now.

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