The history of the commercial bungee jumping

Bungee jumpingWhen did people start to jump off the cliff? We have heard of many types of jumping but in the modern history, Bungee jumping started in the year 1979, when few members of Oxford Dangerous Sports Club made a few jumps from the 250-foot (76 m) Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The students got inspired with the idea after discussing a “vine jumping” ritual carried out by certain natives of Vanuatu This event introduced bungee jumping to the public and created a big fuss in public. Since it was an illegal sport at that time, the members of the club ended up in prison for a few days.

Later on, bungee jumping started conquesting the world. Some of the American soldiers heard about this event and decided to try bungee jumping. The American soldiers used the ribbon cord for parachutes to do their first jumps. With time people in the US started bungee jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge and the Royal Gorge Bridge. By 1982, several people were jumping from mobile cranes and hot air balloons. After few years, bungee jumping started to appear very frequently all around the world and the first commercial and legal bungee site were born in New Zealand. In 1989, A.J. Hackett started the first bungee camp in the city of Queenstown, New Zealand. Since that time, Hackett became the world acknowledged authority in bungee jumping business. Hackett remains one of the largest commercial operators, with concerns in several countries.

The origin of the word “bungee”

The word “bungee” originates from West Country dialect of English language, meaning “Anything thick and squat”. Around 1930, the name became used for a rubber eraser. The Oxford Dictionary records the use in 1938 of the phrase bungy-launching of gliders using an elasticized cord.

The early history of modern bungee jumping

Bungee JumpingThe legend says that bungee jumping first appeared during the II world war on the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. The European discovered that the local people are doing bungee jumping as one of their traditions. One of the natives, Tamalie, was abusing his wife, so she decided to escape and climbed a tree to hide. When he found her she tied up lianas around her ankles and in the moment Tamalie tried to catch her, she jumped from the tree. The man jumped after her, hit the ground and died.

From that day, men in the village started practicing jumping with lianas so women couldn’t outwit men ever again. They even built 28-meter high tower to practice the jumping. Before the bungee jump, every man has a ritual bath and then climbs the tower while his wife is brought to the tower where she has to listen to husband’s complaints in front of the whole village. After the speech, the man has to jump to prove his manhood. The tradition has retained until today and has become a touristic attraction. The western world hasn’t discovered this custom until 1955. from the article of Irving I Electa Johnson in National Geographic magazine.

Bungee Jumping Sites

Stockhorn bungee “commonly known as Interlaken bungee jumping” located nearby Interlaken in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is one of the most popular and unusual bungee destinations in the world. You can always immortalize your adventure with photos from the breathtaking bungee with the view the mountains and beautiful lake. Leap and freefall towards the pristine mountain lake Stockensee.
Bungee jumping Interlaken

Bungee Jumping Saftey

Bungy Jumping is now one of the most famous extreme sports with over a million successful jumps have taken place since 1980. This safety record is giving the Bungy the credibility and popularity as one of the most wanted activities in many destinations and enhanced the bungee operators standards and guidelines governing jumps, such as double checking process for the equipment, the calculations, the weather and the location safety.

Like any sport, injuries can still occur during the bungee jump, and there have been some major accidents. The most common mistake in the world of bungee is to use a cord that is too long. The most important safety procedures in Bungee is to check cord. The cord should be substantially shorter than the height of the jumping platform to allow it room to stretch during the jump. Originally the tension is always less than the jumper’s weight and the jumper continues to accelerate downwards. Sometimes, the tension equals the jumper’s weight and the acceleration is temporarily zero. With further stretching, the jumper has an increasing upward acceleration and at some point has zero vertical velocity before recoiling upward.

Funny facts about bungee
In April 2008 a 37-year-old Durban man, Carl Mosca Dionisio jumped off a 30m (100 ft) tower attached to a bungee cord made entirely of 18,500 condoms.

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