Interlaken Biking Tour

Mountain Biking

Go for mountain biking in Interlaken and explore the region on 2 wheels! The region’s routes are well-marked for bikers. Rent a bike and spend the day with exploring the beautiful lakes and green valleys. The bike tour is a very joyful experience to go further into the countryside. Imagine the green grace and old houses all the way long. Stop for coffee and a meal or discover a hidden spot for relaxing. There are unlimited things you can do during this tour not written in Lonelyplanet or available guide books. Interlaken surrounding area is heaven for bikers who wants to smell the breeze of the Swiss Alps while moving up and down hills, passing old bridges and roaming at remote areas. Mountain biking is suitable for everyone including kids and highly recommended for families and couples.

A map will provide you with all the information you need. Guided tours are available to discover the region’s most scenic spots.

Bike in Interlaken
  • Duration: Half or full day
  • Availability: 8:00 to 18:00 – Daily depending on weather conditions
  • Rental Price: (Half Day)   CHF 25  
  • Rental Price: (Full Day)   CHF 35  
Mountain Bike Tour
Requirements: No age or weight limits.
Difficulty Level: Easy sport and available for everyone.
Packing List: Comfortable clothes, good shoes, water and snacks.
Altitude: Cycling up the hills. Reach the highest altitude you could encounter.
Route: You can take any route you like. Use the provided map or Google maps.
Safety: Stay on the road side and avoid going side by side with other bikers. All bikes are in good condition.

Photo Services: Bring your own camera and enjoy taking pictures.

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